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‘Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard.’

Posted by on 27, Feb, 2014

‘Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard.’

Well at long last the Guys have agreed on an Album Title (just as well as the mix’s are complete the mastering has been done and the Artwork had been started, using Adrian at Nine Design again).

In fact the first drafts of the Album cover has just arrived at Blacktop Towers and as usual they are all wonderful, so now we can expect another lengthy ponder as the Guys choose a favourite !

The Band’s first full (11 Track) CD will be called  TA DA  ……………………….

“Turn Up, Be Nice and Play Hard”

This not only reflects the Blacktop Motto, but is pretty much what the Band does on a regular basis.

The track running order has also be finalised and will be :-

1. Mustang 429
2. Voodoo Slide
3. Outta The Red
4. Colour Me Gone
5. Shotgun ‘Callin Blues’
6. But Not Today
7. Movin’ Up A Gear
8. Should Ha Gone Yesterday
9. Always Been A Sinner
10. Cascade
11. Short Walk Home ‘St. Judes’.

Whilst the Guys start to look at the Artwork designs that have arrived, the album is still a few weeks away from being available to us, it seems likely that it will not be released until early April (the exact date will be confirmed as soon as its known) as the Guys have to fund duplication and promotion costs.

Meanwhile, the Boys are in talks with Clare of ‘Outlaw PR’ about organising an official album launch which might also include some promo launch gigs ?

The Guys will also be sorting out a Video shoot soon for at least one of the new songs and they are currently looking at some pretty cool locations, again, more info will be brought to you in the Newsletters very soon.

So, Very Exciting times for the Blacktops and their Fans Eh ?  

All this and the Band hasn’t even been together 12 Months yet, where will the future take us ?


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