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Album Review in ‘Blues in The South’

Posted by on 20, Jun, 2014

Album Review in ‘Blues in The South’

Nice  review of our Album ‘Turn Up, be Nice, Play Hard” in todays edition of ‘Blues in The South’ courtesy of Ian McKenzie added to our ‘Vid’s & Reviews’ page 😉

Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard
Own Label Blacktop Deluxe
Let me say it loud and clear right at the start:. This is an outstanding effort that delivers a mix of blues and blues rock with a style and panache that seems, far too often to elude some of the ‘competition’ who tend too frequently to deliver blues-pop and little more.
In the format of what is commonly called a Power Trio, the band (which hails from Cornwall) was formed when Tim Chapple (bass) and Alan Ibbotson (drums and vocals) formerly of ‘Devils Creek’. joined forces with Keith Howe (guitar and vocals) who was already on some of our screens for his work with his previous Band, Blue On Black.
Although there was an EP, Dark Horses, issued at the end of last year, giving us a hint of what was to come, the real thing is as they say, is a whole different ball game.
First let me say that IMHO, Keith Howe’s axe work is like a masterclass of guitar styles.
Sometimes he channels Billy Gibbons (Always Been A Sinner. Mustang 429 and Moving Up A Gear) on other occasions Mark Knopfler (But Not Today and Cascade), Colour me Gone is in Gary Moore mode but all the time he remains Keith Howe.
He sings with a fine soulful voice (check out Voodoo Slide for some outstanding vocals (and slide work).
The songs, all written by the band (in the main, Keith with the others) are as good as they come.
This album is a fine mix of blues, blues rock and rock and roll and is a must for anyone who likes their music with an added dash of
panache. Recommended.