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Blacktop Deluxe announce their new ‘Anchorman’

Posted by on 26, Feb, 2015

Blacktop Deluxe announce their new ‘Anchorman’

The Tops are proud to announce their new Bass Man – Rob Martin.

Rob will be ‘killing it’ on that Fender Jazz Bass and anchoring the groove alongside Alan from March 21st.

The Band were delighted with the amount of people who came forward for the job and auditions were great with some awesome players involved.

Our sincere thanks to all the players involved.

Rob comes into The Blacktop’s from the highly acclaimed outfit, ‘The Smokin Olives’ and both Alan and Keith are delighted to be working with him.

He joins the Band in good time to be part of the 2nd Blacktop Album due for recording/release in the summer.

We would ask all you ‘Toppers’ out there to give him a great ‘Blacktop’ welcome.