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The Four Tops !

Posted by on 3, May, 2016

The Four Tops !

Blacktop Deluxe are back with a bang – bringing a new lineup and single to the blues rock scene.
The band has taken some time to retune the engine over the winter and return having fitted some aftermarket parts as they move from a trio to a four-piece.
The signature brand of guitar-driven blues rock remains – with singer/guitarist Keith Howe at the forefront of the action but now flanked by another six-stringer, GB Bartlett, adding nitrous to the fuel line.
So expect an added dose of lead guitar when it comes to the Blacktop solos.
But this machine is four-wheel drive, and powering from the back is the new rhythm section of Jamie Fyffe on drums and Dean Kennedy on bass.
As on the new single, expect Keith and GB to briefly take their foot off the gas and allow Jamie and Dean to have their own moments in the driving seat.
“It’s been a great ride so far and the guys have put so much time and effort into the music,” said Keith.
“This is a supercharged Blacktop Deluxe and we can’t wait to get on stage and play. We’ll be bringing songs off both albums and EPs, as well as the new single, but we’ll also be paying tribute to blues icons with our versions of known songs, and keeping things loose and colourful by playing off each other to see which musical road we take in the moment.
“We had a great time in the studio recording the single and it’s exciting for it to be getting the finishing touches before putting it out there as the marker in the sand for the revitalised Blacktop, as a statement of intent.”

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