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Download the new single now – FREE!

Posted by on 7, Oct, 2016

Download the new single now – FREE!

We are hugely excited to be able to share the new single – Robinson’s Shaft!

And you can download it now for free! Just head to our shop and get it for nothing or see below if you can’t be bothered to use the shop and instead just get the mp3. 

This is the first release from the new four-piece lineup and it’s a tale of mining.

Blues music has always had its origins in the hardship of the working classes.
Whether you were picking cotton in the Delta, working on the Cadillac assembly lines in Detroit or mining the wealth out of the ground for the benefit of others all over the world, blue collar blues/rock told your story. Robinson’s Shaft is all about the life and decline of the mining industry – from Cornwall to Kentucky, Wales to New South Wales.

The real-life Robinson’s Shaft is more than 1,400 ft or 435m deep and remains as part of The Heartlands Trust in Pool, Cornwall, a World Heritage Site.

We were fortunate enough to be able to head down into a working Cornish mine for the video – so expect that VERY soon too.

The single is a taster for the third album which we have just started writing.
The MP3 will be available free to download until the end of October – so get in there now 🙂

DOWNLOAD the mp3 direct and bypass all the shop faff!

Or you can now watch the full video!

Special thanks to:
Video – Directed & Produced by Mark Guthrie of Longdog Productions with Ryan Sharpe Director of Photography.
Song – Engineered & Produced by Gareth Young at Cube Studios.
Mastered by Pete Maher.