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Blacktop’s at No 25 in ‘Cornwall’s Music List, Top 50’

Posted by on 20, Feb, 2017

Blacktop’s at No 25 in ‘Cornwall’s Music List, Top 50’

The Blacktop’s are rightly proud to be sitting at No 25 in “Cornwall Music List: 50 of the biggest and best musicians in Cornwall today”.

Sitting just below the famous ‘Tim Renwick at No 26’, The Top’s new line up (after just 12 months together) are as pleased as punch to be half way to the top of the list.

The List, complied by Lee Trewhela for ‘Cornwall Live’ notes 50 of the most influential Musician’s to be either born in Cornwall or live in the Duchy and includes such names as Mick Fleetwood, Tori Amos, Ralph McTell & Seasick Steve as well of course, as The Blacktop’s, what amazing company to share.

Here’s Lee’s introduction, for more including the full list, click on the link below :-

The Cornish have music in their blood, from fishermen’s shanties and our equivalent of the rebel song (Trelawny) to the cutting edge pioneers of techno and acid right through to the sublime bands who burst forth from Truro College and Falmouth University.

Major rock stars have been born and brought up here while others have found sanctuary among its hidden coves.

Modern folk music was created here at such legendary venues as the Folk Cottage in Mitchell while our choirs are renowned globally.

The fact that Cornwall is so far from the centres of influence means some of the most unique music of all genres is given the chance to breathe and brew in our glorious county.

This list could so easily have run to 100, 150 or even 200 – a Part 2 is a given, but here is Cornwall Live’s Music 50 list……”