Blacktop Deluxe

Rockin' The Blues



What were you up to, musically, before Blacktop Deluxe?

I had spent the previous few years without a regular band. I made myself-available for dep gigs (including playing with GB in his previous band), helped out friends and rehearsed with a couple of bands.

What drew you to Blacktop?

I was aware of Blacktop but had never seen them live. I really liked what little I knew. The songs grabbed me and the band looked like a serious outfit.

How did you find the first BD gig and the experience of being in the band so far?

The first gig was excellent. The pub was full of people that had come out just to see the band. Its been a good few years since I have been in a band that has a loyal following. I am really enjoying the BD experience. As I first thought, the band is serious and professional. The songs are great and the guys in the band are pleasure to be around (except the tall one with the big pedal board! Ha).

Who are your influences?

Influences? Blimey, everything. I try to listen to everything. I have a particular love of funk, jazz, rock, blues and country, oh, and cheesy pop, I really like really dark metal. My main influence is Prince (this interview was conducted before the legend died in April 2016). Blues guys that rock my world? Jeff Healey and SRV. I like it hard and fast.

Favourite album of all time?

Purple Rain. It blew my tiny mind and still does.

Favourite Blacktop song to play live?

At the moment it’s Bucket Seat. It makes me work.

Dean YamahaHow old were you when you got your first guitar?

My earliest memories were of a guitar my dad had hidden in a cupboard that never saw the light of day. When I was 9 my primary school teacher, John Cookson, who was a folk guitarist and singer, agreed to look at the guitar and give me a few lessons.

Tell us a bit about your Blacktop gear.

I use a Shuker Bass (handmade in the UK), Aguilar amp and Barefaced speaker cabs (handmade in the UK).

If the building was burning down, what one piece of musical equipment would you save?

Definitely the Shuker!

When was the last time you practised and what did you play?

I don’t practice as often as I should. If I do, it is usually to learn a song or get limbered up for gig. I just play along with random iTunes selections.

Any rituals or routines before you play live, or after you finish?

Not really before. After its usually home to bed.

IMG_0398What’s your message to Blacktop supporters regarding the future of the band?

Hello Blacktop supporters. I am honoured to be a part of this band and look forward to seeing you all very soon! 🙂