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                COB(Chip on Board) LED Technology

                Views:0 次 | Date:2014-04-06

                COB (Chip on Board) LED Technology
                Chip on Board (COB) LED Lighting technology

                The greatest power densities on the smallest space are often the basis for unique selling points of various products on the market. These criteria can be realized by the ( Chip on Board ) COB LEDs technology.
                Direct contacting of the semiconductors (LEDs) on PCBs allows for optimal thermal management, high packaging density and thus long-lasting and high-performance COB LED modules.
                (Chip on Board) COB LED technology

                With this technology, the LED chips are in the form of a semiconductor chip, which is neither encased nor connected. The semiconductor chip is described as a "Die". This LED chip is processed by means of a special procedure which is called "Die Bonding". Here the individual chips are placed on the PCB and using the Wire Bonding method, connected to the contact surface of the PCB, which are described as "Pads". Gold wires in the micrometer range are used for contacting. The COB LED light technology allows for virtually limitless freedom of scope for the PCBs and thus serves as the basis for totally unique LED solutions.

                The Chip-on-Board LED Module

                LED technology offers better color mixing and simplified thermal management for backlighting large LCD displays.
                Conventionally, LED chips have been mounted on substrates to create discrete LED components, which were attached to a printed circuit board. The solder reflow process typically used to attach the component to the circuit board subjects the LED chip to a substantial amount of heat that easily can damage the chip or degrade its performance. Hence, tight (and, therefore, expensive) process control is required for this type of assembly. In fact, the substrate cost is almost invariably the second-highest in an LED component, exceeded only by the cost of the chip itself.

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