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                LED Chips Manufacturers

                Views:0 次 | Date:2014-04-06

                LED Chips Manufacturers
                As the core unit,LED Chips technology's development leads the direction of LED Lighting market. Currently there are 3 groups in this market,performing "Matthew effect".
                The first Group: (Japan,Europe,America as the representatives)

                5 biggest Chips Manufactuerers: Philip/Lumileds(Netherland),Cree(America),Nicha(Japan),Toyoda Gosei(Japan),Osram(Germany),Also Sharp ,Toshiba,Panasonic included.
                The Second Group: (Taiwan, Korea as the representatives)

                Sanan ——- Chips and LEDs are totally different.There are LED chips factories and LEDs Encapsulation
                factories ——- Epistar, Edison, Cree, Bridgelux are commonly used.But be aware Edison and Bridgelux major in LEDs Encapsulation instead of Chips.

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