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                The future trends in LED lighting

                Views:0 次 | Date:2014-04-06

                Ovka LED Lights MCOB package technology trends
                The future trends in LED lighting must be integrated package, this package can improve reliability and reduce costs.
                MCOB technology is more than one cup of integrated modular production, but I am more convinced that the modular production must be the mainstream of the future, because the modular one can make a relatively large area, and better heat dissipation, the second is can effectively reduce costs.
                Our technology is modular production. I consider that we are always in the implementation of a high-power direction of development is not necessarily correct, because the high-power light luminous efficiency must be better than the small chip light-emitting efficiency is low, at least 5% lower. The second area of high-power chip, with a small chip compared to, for example, at the same time a tile, a small chip area must be better than the high-power area, heat dissipation, small chip must be better than the high-power cooling. The more obvious is the small chip can significantly reduce costs, and low-power chip is fairly stable, high-power chips for our country in terms of a certain degree of difficulty, of course, many companies said the high-power to do good and do well there is a great cost, to the contrary, the small chip, the more businesses can do better. So I can determine stresses, low-power integrated should be the future of the mainstream.
                In addition, with the production of large quantities of small chip cost will be relatively large decline in the space. I believe the next day, do not for a long time, LED lighting can achieve the same energy-saving lamps or a little higher price. Although we think that the price of LED lighting and energy-efficient lighting as impossible, but waiting for us and the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the technology has introduced, it should be said can be achieved within 3, 5 years LED lighting costs and the cost of energy-efficient lighting or is slightly higher than a little bit.

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