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                How to choose nice lights

                Views:0 次 | Date:2014-04-06

                To get your perfect LED lights
                How to choose nice lights?

                That's always a problem to you. Sometimes there are some really cheap LED lights. But be aware that they might be made by fake and cheap material (Aluminum, Chips, drivers. etc). Also it is hard to tell from the initial performance. It is time to pay attention when you get an inappropriate answer after asking "why you can offer such cheap products".
                With LED technology repidly developped, LEDs of 30 or 40 thousand hours lifespan are massively produced,which ,here ,only means the LEDs,not overall light. That's the difference between lifespan and warranty years. In China, the best drivers can supply 3 years, much less than LEDs' theoretical lifespan.
                LED OVKA LIMITED are dedicated to Multi-COB technology for years. Not only does it supply excellent heat management system,it also highly cut down the cost compared to Traditional SMD products of hypothetically same quality. There is no "LEDs" concept, as MCOB is bare chips assembly.Chips are directly embeded on the aluminum base. With less processes, we are able to make the ideal products at high quality and reasonable prices.
                However, MCOB is still in its infancy. We have talented colleagues, abundant resources and leading MCOB technology. There is only one factory making MCOB products all over the world.We are completely confidenti and sure that one day you will be experiencing LED MCOB lights. We are sticking to that and will meet you in short future.

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