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                Why Ovka LED Light

                Views:0 次 | Date:2014-04-06

                In order to provide our customers with the best possible support we've prepared a set of answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). We hope that they will help you to learn about our philosophy and to clarify any concerns regarding placing orders and the LED lighting technology. For a more convenient access to the most interesting issues we've grouped them into categories.
                Question: Why Ovka LED?
                Professional LED lighting factory from China. We provide our service throughout more that 20 countries and regions at present.
                With latest assembly technology— COB (chip on board led light source design) and MCOB ( Multi Chips & Cups on Board ) assembly modules, it is unique high technology in the world, our LED lighting have highest luminous efficacy of 110 lm/w for bulk production.
                Our LED Lighting products has very competitive price.
                Strong production capacity. We can produce 100,000 pcs Led light bulbs,led tubes,led spotlights,led downlights,led lighting fixtures and LED Candles per month.
                Ovka LED Lighting : Strict QC ISO9000 Certificate CE, RoHS, GS, UL certificate, Professional QA, QC quality control system.
                You can get a full range of Unique MCOB LED products to Promise uniform quality and warranty.
                You can have MCOB LED lights of brightness and stability for further reputation.
                You can be supported technically and rapidly on any unexpected situation.
                You are not able to find a supplier who is as professional as we are on MCOB LED.
                We offer service of logo printing and packaging box in your design for your brand promotion.
                We send replacement LED lights for defective/broken ones during warranty years.
                We might get you out of endless SMD LED competition.

                Question: What's your product warrantee?
                2 years
                All items of Ovka are warranted for 2 year from date of invoice.If goods are faulty at no fault of the recipient, please notify us within 24 hours. Once it has been acknowledged by Ovka LED Lighting, goods will need to be returned to us within 7 days of notification. After inspection if deemed faulty due to manufacturing defects, goods will be exchanged with a replacement and shipped back. We are not responsible for damage from use, improper installation, or abuse.
                We accept return for defective item only, and under the following conditions:
                Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.
                Goods cannot be exchanged for cash refund.
                Goods can not be exchanged due to small imperfections of the product.

                Question: Can you provide us packing for small order quantity?
                Yes, we can provide our customer with packing even for small order quantity.So that our customer can sell their goods at their initiative business.
                For detail, you can contact us at : vivianwu1234@gmail.com.

                Question: Can you provide OEM service?
                Yes, we can provide you OEM product based on your order quantity. In general, it is around 10,000 pcs for led light bulbs, led tubes, led spotlights,led candles bulbs, led lighting fixtures for instance.

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